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About SOSECS .... Richelle Frabotta, MSED, CSE, CSES


It's About You Being You

I want students to use sexuality information to consciously create a road map of values, beliefs, and chosen behaviors that help navigate the present so as to positively impact the future. 

I apply reality-based sexuality education frameworks taught with the following actionable principles:

  • supporting a student-centered perspective
  • maintaining an inclusive, affirming classroom
  • stressing the importance of interpersonal communication
  • facilitating learning opportunities to cultivate effective communication skills
  • promoting personal accountability and advocating for “walking the walk” and "owning one's s**t"


Highly Qualified and Certified Educator

I am steadfast about teaching human sexuality in a most ethical and professional manner. 

I believe in establishing credibility that indicates unequivocally that I am a trained and certified professional. 

I am knowledgeable about resources, value the role of media, and employ evidence-informed curricula. 

I am trustworthy and respectful of confidences. 

I impart accurate information in a developmentally aware, chronologically relevant, and affirming manner. 

Maintaining on-going membership in AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists), "quad S" (the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality), and other organizations; publishing, promoting, and pursuing further education and training; maintaining a reasoned awareness of “sex/ual/ity in popular culture”; and staying active on academic list serves are a few ways that I demonstrate my commitment to providing quality sexuality education services.

AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator 

1996 - present          

AASECT  Certified Sexuality Educator Supervisor 2015 - present            


Teaching Philosophy

Sexuality Education is a multi-faceted dynamic discipline that speaks to intersectionality in the truest sense. It is imperative that lesson plans and services are contemplated, constructed, and delivered from research-supported sources that present a medically accurate view while consciously valuing human diversity and experience...for all. In sum, quality sexuality education promotes, encourages and provides the student a map for navigating the complexities of sexual health and wellness and pleasure on his/her/their terms.